Shame: A Dark Mafia Romance Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Shame: A Dark Mafia Romance

Shame: A Dark Mafia Romance



Author : Blushing Books

Publisher : Radish


Rule One: Do not say no to Luciano Salvatore. Rule Two: See rule one. Carmen never knew she had boundaries, but when the young prostitute is called to Salvatore, the infamous mob boss, she learns that even a whore can be violated: mind, body, and soul. Lucas dreamt of a mobster’s life. He wanted the cool suit, the expensive car, and the respect. His dreams take a pounding when he picks up the badly bruised Carmen from Salvatore’s mansion. He starts visiting the injured woman, and despite the gruesome circumstances, the chemistry between them grows into something neither of them can resist. Then Salvatore calls for her again. How do you conquer the monsters under your bed? Especially when you’ve let them crawl up and share it? This is a prequel to the Russo Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone.