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Author : JackHarbon

Publisher : Radish


Eden Finley thinks it’s a joke at first, his roommate pulling his leg after he complained about needing money to help with a few guys breathing down his older brother’s neck. After all, an event like The Auction couldn’t be real, could it? But upon further investigation, Eden is shocked to discover that The Auction is a legitimate thing, and it pays well. Very well. Swallowing his pride, he submits his application, unaware that he’s just put himself on the radar of one of the most powerful men in the city. Dominick Petrov knows the kind of man he likes, and he isn’t the type to deprive himself of his desires. When he sees Eden walk across that stage during the auction, there’s no doubt in his mind that the man is his. His beauty and that look of innocence behind his eyes are intoxicating to him. The fact that he’s painfully inexperienced only makes him want the man more, and Dominick won’t stop until Eden’s cast aside all his fears and given himself to Dominick completely. As the two spend more and more time together, Eden begins to realize that when it comes to how Dominick makes him feel, there’s nothing he should be ashamed of…