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She's The One

She's The One



Author : .N.

Publisher : Radish


[Can be read as a standalone.] Dominic closed his eyes, wondering why the Moon would send him a mate he couldn’t really have. It wasn’t fair. Life wasn’t fair, sure, but he had been hit below the belt plenty of times lately. This was worse than that, this was ripping his heart out. “Dominic, please.” He opened his eyes and looked at her. His heart clenched at how beautiful she looked, despite being exhausted from her kidnapping. He couldn’t lie to her now, anymore than he could stop wanting her. “Wolves have mates, same way your kind have husbands and wives. Only we don’t divorce, ever. Its impossible for us to cheat, or to stop loving the other, or for anything else to happen that would break the bond, save for death.” Grace exhaled softly. “I’m that person for you?” “Yes,” Dominic admitted. He stepped closer. “And you can search the entire world, Grace, but you will never find anyone who will love you as much as I do.” Dominic walked away from her, out of the room, and this time, she didn’t stop him. **** With true mates now a rare phenomenon, Dominic is shocked when he finds his own, as well as devastated because it means he must break Ava's heart. He doesn't have much of a choice though, and nor does he really want one, because she's perfect for him. As far as he's concerned, she has no flaws, save for one - she's human. To her, werewolves are creatures of fantasy, existing only in books and movies. Telling her the truth about his existence seems an impossible task, one that would probably make her run for the hills, though Dominic also knows he can't hide it forever. And while he's occupied with his mate, a friend plots against him, preparing to destroy everything he has built. Betrayal and pain envelop Dominic's life, leaving him helpless as his life goes up in flames, with no relief in sight. (A/N - Sorry, not good at blurbs. The book is better than the summary, I promise ♥)