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Young Adult


Author : ingri

Publisher : Radish


Jasmina has had about enough. Having the seven deadly sins by her side makes her life so much more chaotic already, never mind the fact that she's the new queen of hell. But when the king of the Underworld comes to Earth to kill her, in an attempt to exact revenge on her new husband, well, that takes things to a whole new level. So before she can even attend her first year of college her hubby kidnaps her to hell to save her from the god's wrath, only to reveal to her that he, as a prank, was the one who made sure Pluto wasn't a planet anymore. Now, with Hades on their heels and the devil making the situation so much worse every second, she has to think up a plan to avoid war and death, for the third and hopefully last time. No one said being queen was easy. ! this is the sequel to Saints, which can be found on my profile here !