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Author : Ricah_Resa

Publisher : Radish


Love is a dangerous thing. More fearful than even the fire and the poison. It was better to steer away from it But sometimes we just couldn’t. Sometimes it became impossible. I had made a mistake. Indulged in the sin called love intentionally. And that too not just once. Can you think of the consequences? Truths had been omitted, finally slipped. Destroying the world, I knew, Killing what was left of me Leaving me behind to burn in agony Of being heartbroken All because of HER. Someone who I even didn’t know or knew me. But she became the reason why I had decided to walk down the path of Sin to calm my soul Or maybe break it more Valerie has been burned in love. The first time she didn't saw it coming. The second time she didn't want love but still got pulled into it like a moth to the flame. Always expect the unexpected but what she didn’t know that, Now she is doing things she isn't supposed, on a path of sin because everything now is all about the sins committed in the past and in the present. Love, Hate, and Revenge. A mixture of all three in the Enticing tale of Sintention Reviews *This story from the very beginning to the end has held me interesting and I was not able to go anywhere before finishing it!!! I loved the first part and the last part the most. A novel should be written in a way that it could reach to your heart and I really felt that in this book... All of my appreciation is less and I hope you write more novels like this. Your grammar and punctuation is fine but you can develop it....all the best.. this story is kept and beared in my heart!!!! Honestly you deserve it* - Bipashi *WOW- This book has got so many amazing characters that I can't tell. It is just awesome and so different from other books. Just love it ! God the ending was so damn good! Never even thought of it so* - Dominick *Exciting read! - Valerie and Shay are just my bff. I mean I just love Valerie. Never read a female character like this beat and the bestest book*