Sneak: A Lesbian Shapeshifter Story Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Sneak: A Lesbian Shapeshifter Story

Sneak: A Lesbian Shapeshifter Story



Author : GiselleRenarde

Publisher : Radish


A mouse shifter in a backwoods bordello falls for a cursed lady of the evening in this lesbian erotic romance. Bess was born human in a backwoods brothel, but she's lived there as a mouse long enough to watch generations of girls come and go. Loralee’s the only one remaining to entertain cowboys who leave her with bruises and a fistful of cash. Oh so many years ago, Bess sought Old Gertie's magic to avoid the fate Loralee now lives. Her little heart can't bear the torment those brutes impose on poor Loralee. She's got a plan to revisit her human form, but is Bess willing to come out of retirement in a career she never started?