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Author : C.Swallow

Publisher : Radish


SNOWRED | A dark fairy tale, uniquely twisted in all the wrong ways. Ellie, an extremely shy and meek 20 year old, gets kidnapped by Snow, a legendary werewolf warrior who may be the flint to start her fire, if he doesn't kill her first. [BOOK 1] WHITTAKER | Ellie: I am lost within the beautiful lies of men and I do not know where to find truth. | Whittaker: I can see the truth right there. It’s dripping out of your eyes. [BOOK 2] VICENTE | Princess Faye grows up overprotected and pampered in the Kingdom of Alma. That safety net is quickly lost, however, as she's abruptly thrust into the position of hostage to Pirate Vicente and his crew. Faye will soon learn through her first journey over the seas onward to Desentol - how to grow up, how to fight and maybe when she's ready; how to handle falling in love with a dangerous man. [BOOK 3]