Stay After Class: A Student-Professor Love Story Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Stay After Class: A Student-Professor Love Story

Stay After Class: A Student-Professor Love Story



Author : acrose

Publisher : Radish


A super hot professor. A beautiful student. A gorgeous, naked art model. The controversial sketch that links them all. Amanda Slade has a major crush on her sexy art professor and wants his help with an important extracurricular activity: Project VirgEnd. Professor Jem Nichols knows falling for his beautiful student is a bad idea but he just can't say goodbye as the semester ends. But the professor refuses to hastily take her virtue. Instead, he wants to slowly teach her the most important lessons of lovemaking. As she experiences first-time pleasures and passions, love blooms. By the time they're done, he'll know every inch of her body. But with the pressure building around his show and her sexual debut, will Jem be the one to take her all the way? If you love student-teacher romances you will love the heat between Ms. Amanda Slade and Professor Jem Nichols. For mature readers, 18 or over. This book is very steamy.