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Stay The Night

Stay The Night



Author : JeanM.Mango

Publisher : Radish


Living life as a girl can suck sometimes. This isn't an unfamiliar thought in the mind of Violet Reyes, daughter of the leading police officer in her town, and the sister of four brothers. Having a bubble of testosterone to ruin her social life is a recurring thing. That was, until she met Miguel Rivera. High school heartthrob, well-known bad boy, and sweet talking teen, Miguel sweeps Violet off her feet, definitely making a difference in her previously non-existent love life. In no time, a blooming (but secret) relationship forms. And when her father informs her about dance lessons to prepare for his honoring ceremony, she is definitely ready to reveal the truth to her family. But... That was, until she met her dancing teacher... *For all quotes in the story: I do not own this content. All rights belong to the original creators respectively. No copyright intended.