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Strange Allies

Strange Allies



Author : Vivian

Publisher : Radish


One is a paladin whose touch burns vampires to ash. The other is a vampire who hates his kind. Can these natural enemies work together for the greater good? The Agency recruited me at sixteen after I survived a vampire attack. At nineteen, I’ve put ghosts to rest, captured werewolves, and intervened with black magic all over the world. When I sense a vampire at my cousin’s piano concert, I confront the bloodsucker, only to have him grab my cross pendant and swear he’s never killed a human for blood. I’m so stunned by his vow, I let him watch the rest of the performance, but don’t let him out of my sight until he’s driving away. Then he has the audacity to walk into The Agency to ask for my help rescuing children from L.A.’s vampire queen! My boss surprisingly won't let me refuse even though this sounds like a trap. Company motto is the only good vampire is a dead one. What makes this guy different from all the rest? Will Adam prove me wrong, or be my downfall? This urban fantasy story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult situations.