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Author : Jade C. Jamison

Publisher : Radish


He’s a straight-laced cop. She’s a foul-mouthed stripper. And they have a common goal: take down Jefferson Rupert, owner of the Purring Kitties Lounge, a man who’s as dirty as he is rich. ~ ~ ~ When Jedrek Channing participates in a bust of the lounge, he finds himself arresting Charlotte “Aphrodite” Young and not just for lewd and lascivious behavior. The woman’s got a mouth on her that won’t quit, and Channing can’t decide if that’s a turn on or a turn off. Most likely, it’s both. ~ ~ ~ Charlotte has never trusted cops, but there’s something about this particular man in blue that has her head spinning. He’s not at all like the typical cop she’s run into--and it doesn’t hurt that he’s hell-bent on destroying the jerk who’s made her miserable for years. ~ ~ ~ They’re an unlikely pair, but together they might actually have a chance to bring Rupert down--if they can resist the attraction that’s growing between them.