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Submitting To The Sergeant

Submitting To The Sergeant



Author : Blushing Books

Publisher : Radish


Can he regain control? After ten years, their marriage is fraying around the edges. When she married him, Tara knew full well he intended to be a career Marine, and Cameron had the strength and determination to achieve anything he set out to do. What she hadn't expected was the loneliness and depression that dragged her under when her husband was deployed for eighteen months. Her life fell apart and his return is nothing like what she'd anticipated either. Something is missing; an intricate part of their marriage seems lost forever. Cam can't believe how Tara has changed. His once loving and self-sacrificing wife is now selfish and lazy. The house is neglected and if it weren't for Tara's mother, the children would be too. For a while he simply accepts it and carries on, fulfilling his duty during the day and taking care of everything else at night and on the weekends. Finally, he realizes any change had to come from him. Surely a Sergeant with dozens of men under his command can straighten out one small woman who once promised to love, honor and obey.