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Summer Beginnings

Summer Beginnings

New Adult


Author : USAT Author Kailin Gow

Publisher : Radish


A USA Today Bestselling Series from the Loving Summer Series, soon to be a featured film. He saved me from my bullies only to crush my heart. Welcome to Hidden Falls High...the private exclusive academy in Malibu's hidden community. I was supposed to be ecstatic now that I finally had the chance to transfer to my best friend and forever crush, Nat Donovan's school... Only this was the year my long time crush, Nat Donovan, crushed me, and I would never be the same afterwards. Summers for me wouldn’t be complete unless I was spending it in Malibu at my Aunt Sookie’s beach house with the Donovans. As long as I could remember, the three Donovan children and I had always spent summers together. Playing on the beach, swimming and surfing, cooking up things, making up music, and helping out at Aunt Sookie’s acting academy. And as long as I could remember, I had always had a crush on the eldest Donovan boy, Nat. What girl wouldn’t? With his warm but bright hazel eyes and wavy copper hair, his easy-going charm, and natural leadership ability; he was always the most popular boy in school, the favorite son, and most valuable player on any team. He was also my Nat in Shining Armor, as I nicknamed him…the boy who always watched out for me. The boy who protected me. And like a knight who could only love afar. – Summer Jones