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Author : Alana Albertson

Publisher : Radish


Meet the cast of this season’s hit television series, Dancing under the Stars. Vika My life off the floor is filled with scandal and heartbreak. I left my country, my home, and my family for a chance to have a life in America—a life without prejudice and pain. For freedom, I've given my heart and soul. Love now means nothing to me but success and security. Until I met Tony Zave—the six-foot five long-haired rockstar with a boyish grin and ten inches of manhood made famous by a leaked tape with his ex-wife. But there is no room in my life for true love. The pursuit of happiness will destroy everything I've worked for and is completely out of the question. The sacrifice for achieving the American dream is living a life devoid of passion. Salomé The dance I choreographed won an Emmy—but someone else claimed it. The man I loved just got engaged—but another woman is wearing his ring. I'm the reigning world champion ballroom dancer—but I'm not "TV material." I'm too curvy. I'm too short. I'm too real. Screw Hollywood. I'm no longer hiding behind the wings. I'm no longer letting people steal my life. I’m ready to take back what is mine. I'm ready for my turn in the spotlight—no matter what the consequences.