Sweet, Dark Captive (Steamy Omegaverse Ménage Romance) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Sweet, Dark Captive (Steamy Omegaverse Ménage Romance)

Sweet, Dark Captive (Steamy Omegaverse Ménage Romance)



Author : alexiax

Publisher : Radish


Rich, sexy, and influential—Colton and Jaxon Huntingdon are identical twin alphas living in their own twisted world, and they’d do whatever it takes to have me, an omega, in that world. My name is Delcy Charlton, a twenty-two-year-old girl doing her best at whatever life throws at her. Just when I think I’m about to get a break from all the hardship and the heartbreak, I’m betrayed by the one friend I trust and is taken captive by Colton and Jaxson. In the Huntingdon brothers’ world, I’m locked up in an exquisite manor full of luxury and beautiful things, playing along with their hide-and-seek game of seduction. I run and hide; they chase. They catch me; they take me. I reach haven; they won’t touch me and I get paid a ludicrous amount of money. My plan of escape is shattered when they take away my suppressant, and I have no choice but to participate in their game. I only hope I can last until the promised four weeks is up, but I know it will be challenging. My heat is coming, and neither I nor the brothers will be safe from the frenzy, passionate storm that my sweet scent will bring. Sweet, Dark Captive is a steamy omegaverse billionaire ménage romance with some dark themes and is recommended for 18+ readers.