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Swing Batter Swing

Swing Batter Swing



Author : zaidap

Publisher : Radish


Baseball agent Jay Michaelson only hires male assistants. Call him a jerk, call him a pig, but he has his REASONS. So, when his longtime assistant goes on paternity leave, Jay requests a male replacement. He gets a list of two available candidates, and based on their resumes, Jay selects Marty Alvarez. Marty Alvarez is a hard worker with a low tolerance for nonsense. Marty Alvarez is ridiculously attractive, supremely competent, and an overall joy to be around. Marty Alvarez is not a guy. No, she is very much a woman and very much OFF LIMITS. Never mind their smoldering mutual attraction -- Jay would NEVER date one of his employees, especially not one who is nearly fifteen years younger than he is. He's not that kind of guy, okay? But despite his strong desire to remain professional, Jay is tempted by his gorgeous new assistant every single day. When the sparks fly after the pair embark on a work trip, Jay feels his resolve slipping, and Marty decides to make her move! Note: this is a low-angst, diverse romance featuring a reluctant Alpha hero trying to hide his inner cinnamon roll, a curvy and hilarious Afro-Latina heroine, plus a whole lotta instalove that'll have you running for a cold shower. You've been warned!