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Tempting the Royal

Tempting the Royal



Author : VioletPaige

Publisher : Radish


Temptation is king. And so am I. As an ex Royal Navy Captain, I should be prepared for anything. The instant I see Molly on The Titan’s elite auction stage, I know I have to be the highest bidder. No price is too high, hell I have more money than God. But, she's everything I'm not. Sweet, innocent, pure. It'll only take one night to convince her she's under my command. But one night with Molly isn’t enough. I want her to be mine forever. Screw chivalry. Screw centuries of royal law. I'm the King, I always get what I want. And I want her. But is she willing to give up her normal life to share the king’s bed? Nobility demands it. I demand it. It’s time Molly learns to come when her ruler calls. Only having her could cost me everything I’ve ever known. Even the crown.