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The Alpha's Baby

The Alpha's Baby



Author : Panda B

Publisher : Radish


What do you do when you find yourself with an accidental werewolf pregnancy? A) Kill your mate, Colton. You've been meaning to do it for years now anyway... B) Focus on finding your estranged sister instead. C) Wait it out. It might be a false positive... It has to be a false positive. There's no way it's not not a false positive... Right? Maya Wright has been on her own since she was a little girl, which is why the positive pregnancy test sends her reeling. She knows she's not the most natural mother-figure. She also knows that her baby-daddy couldn't be farther from a fit father. How in the hell will she be able to deal with a pregnancy while trying to find her sister, Wren, who may or may not want to be found? Colton Evers is the werewolf community's resident playboy that some love and most just hate. Raised by a power hungry Alpha, Colton is out to stop his father's spreading wrath before it’s too late. He knows if his father learns of his feelings for Maya it would put a target on her back. Maya is too stubborn to ever admit that she might need Colton, and Colton is too childish to ever admit to Maya that he needs her. While Colton and Maya may act like they’re natural enemies, they have to stand together to fight for the family they have left. **Want to read in order? You can start The Alpha’s Baby from Part Seven: Chapter 25 from Torn Between Alphas!**