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The Alpha's Boyfriend

The Alpha's Boyfriend



Author : Panda B

Publisher : Radish


What do you do when your best friend needs to save his mate? A) Kick ass and take names B) Bribe some Fae for a magical solution C) up with the one vampire you can’t resist Werewolf Gabriel Jackson is used to doing things his own way. One of the only wolves he calls a friend is Xavier, and when Xavier needs a way to save his mate, Caliana, from the Fae world, Gabe springs into action. Of course that means bringing along the one person Gabe wants nothing to do with… Mikah Navarro has been a vampire for a long time. His one rule: never become like the monsters he hunts. Gabriel has all the qualities Mikah despises, but their shared connection with Xavier has forced them to work together. And despite all his instincts Mikah can’t help but be drawn to the impulsive, roguish werewolf. Vampires and werewolves don’t mix, but the longer they’re forced to work together, the deeper their bond becomes… **Want to read in order? You can start The Alpha’s Boyfriend from Part Six: Chapter 38 from Torn Between Alphas!**