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The Alpha's Valentine

The Alpha's Valentine



Author : Minam

Publisher : Radish


He considers the witch forbidden fruit. She thinks one stolen night will help her move on from her crush on the wolf alpha. SilverCloud coven witch Tory hasn’t dated much. She's kinda always known her looks were far from perfect. Plus, it isn’t as if any man has ever made her want to put herself out there. But Alpha Veron sure is delicious—if grumpy, even scary. A little encouragement from her BFF, add in a bit of booze and it equates to enough courage—or insanity—to throw herself at the formidable werewolf. Alas, their explosive night of fun comes to an abrupt end, leaving Tory mortified. Grimfire Pack Alpha Veron is relentlessly focused on preserving his pack's future. He doesn’t need new problems, like an entanglement with another supernatural from Mystic Island. But he sure can’t forget the sweet witch whose adorable attempt to seduce him is seared on his brain. On top of that, his wolf is obsessed with Tory and won’t stop bugging him about hunting the cute witch down. Can Veron defuse the rising tensions between Grimfire and SilverCloud, placate his wolf and get the witch of his (dirty) dreams? The Alpha’s Valentine is a shifter romance novella, set amidst the colorful supernatural community on Mystic Island. It has mature content and a guaranteed Happy Ever After. (Story Cover Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash)