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The Bad Boy Theory

The Bad Boy Theory

Young Adult


Author : Macy Filia

Publisher : Radish


Why is Lucian avoiding other people like they have cooties? Circle one of the following: a. He’s a misanthropic narcissistic who doesn’t think anyone is good enough for him. (How pleasant.) b. He’s a tortured man-boy with a dark past. (And some sort of fetish?) c. He’s an oversensitive thinking soul who’s shy, socially awkward, and in general too pure for this world. (Well, okay, that’s… yeah, no.) d. He’s a werewolf-alien-vampire hybrid. (What? This is a legitimate option!) If I had to pick one of the above, I’d say— His ominous-clouds-rolling-in entrance interrupts my train of thought. I wait for him to sit in the front row like he always does. Yep. No. No. No. He doesn’t go to his usual spot. He walks further into the classroom. He takes a seat next to me. Lucian Nyx just sat right next to me. (AKA 'Singing on the Roof: Volume 1')