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The Biker's Baby

The Biker's Baby



Author : Normandie

Publisher : Radish


He’s danger on two wheels, and I should know better than to give him my heart. But I can’t resist his tough attitude, and he rules me body and soul. A fugitive from the law, the last thing he needs is to fall for a barely-legal beauty running from trouble of her own. On the run from the law, the last thing he needs is to fall in love. Jake I’m a fugitive from justice. I need to be on my bike putting miles between me and a crime I didn’t commit. But when a down-on-her-luck, barely legal beauty gets in my way, I don’t expect her to steal my heart. She’ll turn my world upside down and charm her way into my life until the only thing I care about is protecting her. Even if that means saying goodbye. Daisy He stole my heart with his tough attitude, washboard abs, and devilish grin. The way he ruled my body—he owned me, heart and soul. But he’s dangerous, and now I’ve got someone else to protect. Jake’s daughter is a pint-sized version of the man I only thought I knew. And if it’s up to me, she’ll never meet the man who abandoned us both. I’ll hide my precious little secret, no matter the cost. For a sexy, secret baby romance with a guaranteed HEA, start reading this captivating dark romance today!