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The Billionaire's Captive

The Billionaire's Captive



Author : Sedona Venez

Publisher : Radish


He stole her company. Now he's the only one who can save her life. For Core and Sin… there’s a thin line between love and hate—and nothing is what it seems. Core, a masculine but damaged former kingpin in NYC’s organized crime underbelly seeks revenge on a corrupt politician who took everything away from him, but what he doesn’t expect is to start an affair with the very woman he plans to use as a weapon. Sin, an extraordinary sassy woman who completely sweeps this well-built alpha crime boss off his feet in the most beautiful way imaginable. Are you into Alpha tattooed real men, dark romance, strong women, intense action and A LOT of steam? Then hold on tight. You’re in for a real treat. This dark romance has it all!