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The Billionaire's Offer

The Billionaire's Offer



Author : Gissell

Publisher : Radish


Sienna's life is in constant disaster. She lives each day unsure if she can survive the week. When her older brother calls her to ask for her help saving their abusive father , she must decide between herself and her father. As she starts to wage the options of her predicament the charismatic and successful Sebastian Casawell walks into her life with an offer she can't refuse if she wants to help her brother. Sebastian proposes a simple one year contract. A marriage. A baby. All the money she needs. As she is drawn into a luxurious life, the flirty billionaire begins to collapse the walls she has built around herself. All her life she has been chasing a love she can't ever obtain, but when Sebastian offers her the love she deserves she is bound to feel a pain she has never known. It's a story of pain, regret, and sacrifice. The imperfect ways we can make perfect decisions.