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The Billionaire's Violinist

The Billionaire's Violinist



Author : sabs/sabi

Publisher : Radish


[ON HOLD] Can a one night stand really turn into true love? Cassian Bianchi, a former soccer superstar and billionaire, is the next hottest thing that's hit the big screen. He's a heartthrob through and through. At thirty-three, he's still a hunk of meat that's unbelievably rich, charming, witty, undeniably talented and can't seem to be tied down. Then he meets Renee. A fresh graduate from Julliard. She's mesmerizing. Young, beautiful, witty, loud, and bold, she captures his attention the second he meets her. But she's grown up in this cut-throat industry and doesn't date celebrities, especially ones that are ten years older than her. But what Cassian wants, he usually gets. Chapters will be distinguished for its content with *'s. *Sexual content **Explicit sexual content