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The Bitten

The Bitten



Author : ShanniiWrites

Publisher : Radish


Vampires have been in control of England for the past four hundred years, and they need a food source. Humans are treated like nothing more than cattle: trapped in blood farms to live out their insignificant lives as a food source for the rich. Amara, the leader of a rebel human freedom group, has been on the run for the past six months, finally free of the chains of her human captor. She is not the only one out there, though, and she intends to save as many humans as she can. When a rescue operation falls through, she ends up captured by the Kingsguard, waiting to be tried for treason. With hard labour or execution on the cards, Amara is thrust into the care of the serious and intelligent Prince Eric for interrogation. His determination to make her reveal the location of her rebel friends consumes him, and he confines her to his quarters in the palace. But when bloodlust takes over, obsession can become so much more...