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The Black Room

The Black Room



Author : Nikki (Lana Sky)

Publisher : Radish


Dignity is as precious as a vintage pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps and just as costly to obtain. Fed up after being overlooked by her arrogant boss, writer Laney Laweson quits his esteemed publication and decides to strike it out on her own. Little does she know that a chance encounter in a classy "not sex" club will change her life. Overnight she goes from wallflower, to mysterious femme fatal armed with enough knowledge to blackmail the one man she's ever admired. But can she keep her lips shut in exchange for a relationship more intense than any she can imagine? Who knows. After all, what happens in the Black Room should stay in the Black Room... ***AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is a slightly darker, more mature re-write of my Wattpad Novel The Red Room. Character's names have been slightly altered and subject matter increased. Rated 18++