The Breed (Well Written Incest Erotica) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Breed (Well Written Incest Erotica)

The Breed (Well Written Incest Erotica)



Author : E. L. Anders

Publisher : Radish


Lexie Conley is a ruthless business woman and the owner of a hugely successful company. She’s in complete control of her life…that is, until her breasts begin to leak a strange, sticky honey and her nipples become almost too sensitive to touch. Lexie knows she needs help to relieve the painful pressure in her breasts but she has no one in her life she can trust enough to ask for such an embarrassing favor. To complicate matters even further, Lukas, her long-absent brother, suddenly comes back to town. He has disturbing news about their true relationship which is not what Lexie was raised to believe. Lexie is tempted to kick him out but he also seems to know what’s happening to her body…and claims to be the only one who can ease her pain. Now Lexie is completely confused. If what Lukas claims is true, he’s not her brother at all, but her long lost mate. Even worse, the two of them may not even be human. Should she follow the rules of the society she was raised in or break the most ancient taboo of all to claim her place as one of…The Breed?