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The Business Arrangement

The Business Arrangement



Author : Sky

Publisher : Radish


Jackson Clarke is the Heir to Clarke Industries, but after a scandal breaks loose his father is thrown under the bus and could lose his entire wealth. So, Jackson’s father makes a deal that will save his ass, throwing Jackson under the bus in the process. Because now, Jackson must marry the heiress to another wealthy company. The last thing he wants is to marry some rich, spoiled brat. Elaine Alderidge is the heiress to her grandmother’s company, but she never wanted that life for herself. She made a deal with her to let her live her own life, and that is exactly what Elaine has been doing for the past four years. Until her grandmother calls her back and tells her she is to marry Jackson Clarke, the billionaire surrounded in scandal. The last thing she ever wanted was to be a part of this world, but now she’s been sucked in and can’t escape. Both of them don’t want this, but after their wedding, will they be able to get along and put up a convincing facade for the public eye? Or will this marriage end in even more scandal?