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The CEO’s Kryptonite

The CEO’s Kryptonite



Author : Bui

Publisher : Radish


“Have you tried turning it off, and back on again?” Meet Alexander Hamilton, a quirky, and financially struggling tech professional who more often than not finds comfort in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Alex has done his best to make it through life seemingly unnoticed. For someone who works in IT, he figured this would be the easiest thing to accomplish...that was, until he had the very unfortunate chance encounter with Christian Ivanov. Here enters Christian Ivanov, CEO of Ivanov Enterprises. Possessing the ability to completely obliterate any genuinely good thing that comes his way, Christian finds himself in increasingly complicated situations. Whether it be relationships, or company connections, nothing escapes the reach of his quick temper. Yes, Alexander Hamilton has always been best at fixing things- computers to be exact. He wasn’t sure where Christian got the impression that somehow, he could fix him too. A story in which a should be anger management patient, meets a functioning alcoholic… and miraculously manage to save each other amidst a sea of chaos.