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The Client

The Client



Author : Kimber Lee

Publisher : Radish


Rule #1: Always be armed and alert when you’re on duty; Rule #2: Treat everyone and everything with suspicion; Rule #3: Be unobtrusive; and Rule #4: Do not fuck the client. It’s taken Lena years to shed her wild child image and be taken seriously by her family. With three older brothers and a father who thinks she’s porcelain, she’s used to having to prove herself. At twenty-five, she is the youngest bodyguard on her father’s security team. Well, she’s never actually been assigned to a client but that doesn’t mean she’s incapable. She’s a crass thrill-seeker, an adrenaline junkie and goddammit, she just wants to shoot someone – which is why she almost rejects the unexciting assignment to protect artist, Reed Lancaster. Almost. Too bad for her that her father doesn’t trust her with any actual work. So she’ll just have to prove him – and her brothers – wrong and look after Reed as if he were the freaking President. But first, she actually has to find the guy…