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The Demon's Retribution

The Demon's Retribution



Author : Kiersten Fay

Publisher : Radish


A desire that can never be sated... Believing he had found and lost his one true mate long ago, Cale rarely spends more than one night with a female. But when he is sent to Earth on a mission to find a missing Faieara princess, he is floored by the power of his desire for her. But he is not the only one seeking her out. As danger closes in, he must quickly gain Kyra’s trust if he is going to save them both. A power she cannot control... Kyra has survived on Earth by concealing her true nature, trusting no one, and by stifling her dangerously unpredictable magic. When she is confronted by a brutally sexy demon who claims to be her protector, she must find the courage to trust him with her life or remain earthbound forever. Together they must return to Kyra’s home world in order to rescue her people from a race of warmongers. Can she heal Cale’s heart and save her home world before it's too late?