The Dominated by the Billionaire Series (Billionaire Erotica) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Dominated by the Billionaire Series (Billionaire Erotica)

The Dominated by the Billionaire Series (Billionaire Erotica)



Author : Aya Fukunishi

Publisher : Radish


She'd only seen him twice before, but every night he visited her in her fantasies. Strong, powerful, self-assured and supremely masculine, he was everything she could possibly wish for in a man. Every woman on the twelfth floor dreamed of being with him. Hell, even some of the men had probably thought about it once or twice. But why on earth would he take so much as a second glance at Pam? Of all the women he could choose in New York City she was surely the last, wasn't she? He was rich, handsome and powerful. She was nobody. She was nothing... ... Until he noticed her. Who is Robert Foster? What does he want? What drives his bizarre, forbidden hunger? And what spark does he see in Pam that others don't? Dominated by the Billionaire is the collected series of internationally bestselling erotic romance shorts that include: At His Command On His Orders With His Consent For His Affection With Her Obedience This series is not for the faint of heart. Read with an open mind and the lights off.