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The Elite: A Forbidden Romance

The Elite: A Forbidden Romance



Author : NYLA

Publisher : Radish


It’ll either be an epic love, or sheer devastation… Tara: Forbidden is suddenly a dark luxury I can’t escape. I’m not supposed to cast spells outside the walls of the family mansion. I’m not supposed to seek revenge on The Elite for hurting my youngest sister. And I’m most definitely not supposed to be lusting after the enemy, Ryan Carter—one of The Elite of Lanier Academy. But all of the above is completely inescapable. Carter: She’s dark. Seriously dark. Not just her hair and her eyes, but her soul. Because of what happened to her sister. Haunting is the best way to describe her. Or haunted. It’s a cloak Tara Heller wears that I share with her, due to circumstances beyond my control. We also share an undeniable attraction. One that’s amplified with every forbidden touch… Content/Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide and rape.