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The Empire of the Four Suns

The Empire of the Four Suns



Author : Barbara J Webb

Publisher : Radish


Duty to the clan is the first lesson every Serpent child learns. Yeijiro, born with no gifts and lacking the skills most valued by the Serpent, has turned his back on that duty, joining the Imperial Marshals to offer direct service to the Emperor herself. As daughter of the Prime Minister of the Dragon clan, Corinne knows her duty as well, but when a fight with a demon puts Corinne on leave from her beloved Phoenix Guard, her mother takes that opportunity to drag Corinne into the political landscape Corinne has worked all her life to avoid. A conspiracy against the life of the Emperor sees Corinne and Yeijiro working together, both thrown into the deep end of the Imperial Court, a world of intrigue and sex where all five clans vie for power. Yeijiro’s loyalties are put into question as he must now prove himself to both the Lord Marshal and to Miyōshi Tōru, lord of the clan Yeijiro renounced. While Corinne is drawn into a world of desire and decadence by a mysterious patron who is quite certainly more dangerous than she appears. Yeijiro and Corinne must find a way to balance the duty they owe their clans against the growing desires of their hearts, or risk not only their own lives, but the life of the Emperor herself. READ THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT: Lots of hot, steamy sex embedded in an exciting space opera story; epic stories with many points of view; romances that play out over years, with all the ups and downs you'd expect; a rich, complex fantasy world of intrigue and adventure; fancy clothes; swordfights; demons; sex parties Cover art by Avery Liell-Kok