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The Gentleman Project

The Gentleman Project

Young Adult


Author : em | 남 상아

Publisher : Radish


There was a time when Francesca "Frankie" Rome and Beckham "Beck" Hart were two best friends, spending every moment of every day together, sharing secrets and having a good laugh. But that was a long time ago, when Beckham wasn't set on the same career path as the man he was named after, and Frankie wasn't teaching boys how to be gentlemen, in exchange for car rides to school. It was when Beck was actually a nice guy, instead of the egotistical asshole he's turned into. And when Frankie didn't try to pick fights with him, on the rare occasions that they happened to speak. Yeah. Their friendship is ancient history. Now it's their senior year of high school. The two probably couldn't hate each other more. But when Beck comes to Frankie for help in the gentleman department, the two discover that sometimes, a couple fake dates and a bunch of car rides together are all it takes to dissolve their hard feelings into a helluva lot of sexual tension.