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The Golden Cage

The Golden Cage



Author : ElaneGold

Publisher : Radish


It's 1906 in New York City...welcome to the age of not-so-innocence. The rich and beautiful who make up the hot topics of high society head to the beaches of Newport for their annual summer vacation, but it's hardly going to be just another day at the beach. Beautiful bad girl Maven Astor finds herself unable to keep her hands off her devastatingly handsome foreign billionaire husband Lawrence Daggett, but her friends worry that her obsession with him is blinding her to the sins of his dark past. Maven's best friend and angelic society princess Elizabeth Stratford finds herself fighting her own feelings for a new arrival to their group, David Hawthorne, even as she begins to suspect he's working undercover with his sister Clara to infiltrate their social circle, and best friends William Vanderlin and Leon Stratford finally give in to their feelings and embark on a scandalous secret relationship. With parties every night and sex, secrets, and scandal around every corner, Maven, Lawrence, and the rest of their group of friends, lovers, and enemies find that having all the money in the world can sometimes feel like nothing more than a golden cage...