The Hawke Family Series (Billionaires of New Orleans) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Hawke Family Series (Billionaires of New Orleans)

The Hawke Family Series (Billionaires of New Orleans)



Author : GwynMcNamee

Publisher : Radish


He's everything she didn't know she wanted. She's everything he thought he could never have. The last thing I expect when I walk into The Hawkeye Club is to fall head over heels in lust. It’s supposed to be a rescue mission. I have to get my baby sister off the pole, into some clothes, and out of the grasp of the pussy peddler who somehow manipulated her into stripping. But the moment I see Savage Hawke and verbally spar with him, my ability to remain rational flies out the window and my libido takes center stage. I’ve never wanted a relationship—my time is better spent focusing on taking down the scum running this city—but what I want and what I need are apparently two different things. Danika Eriksson storms into my office in her high heels and on her high horse. Her holier-than-thou attitude and accusations should offend me, but instead, I can’t get her out of my head or my heart. Her incomparable drive, take-no-prisoners attitude, and blatant honesty captivate me and hold me prisoner. I should steer clear, but my self-preservation instinct is apparently dead—which is exactly what our relationship will be once she knows everything. It’s only a matter of time. The truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes, it just royally screws you.