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The Hawke Fortune

The Hawke Fortune



Author : Victoria

Publisher : Radish


Gabe knows he must protect his family… Meghan wants to make a deal. Falling for his enemy can only lead to trouble. She walked in and pleaded for her brother’s life. His enemy’s sister was gorgeous. But Gabe couldn’t show mercy or be a fool for a pretty woman because his sisters, mother or father might be hurt. But her innocence and raw honesty put her own life in danger when she told him the truth… And if she told him the truth, then she’d be in danger too. Gabe can’t protect his family if he lets her in and it turns out she’s lying. But her heart and that perfect body capture his attention. And Gabe is used to having whatever he wanted. And right now, that’s Meghan. You’ll love this enemies to lovers romance because everyone loves a sexy hero. Get it now.