The Hunted (Wolves of the West) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Hunted (Wolves of the West)

The Hunted (Wolves of the West)



Author : Abigail Lynne

Publisher : Radish


In order to win the freedom of her mate and his pack, Morda must convince an ancient supernatural council to allow werewolves to rejoin the world of the paranormal. But Morda has a problem—Ben isn't her only mate and his freedom isn't her only concern. As her relationship with both Ben and Grant grow stronger, Morda finds herself unable to choose and desperate to keep them both. Love is jealous and the men aren't making it easy for her to decide. Tangled up in a web of love, lust, and supernatural enemies—Morda must figure out this strange new world, her new power, and her own heart if she has any hope of escaping alive. (THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THE HUNT) [WARNING: MATURE]