The Immortal Heir [ON HOLD] Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Immortal Heir [ON HOLD]

The Immortal Heir [ON HOLD]



Author : RachaelEWrites

Publisher : Radish


For over a thousand years, vampires have lived among us, roaming our streets and lurking in our shadows. But as early as there have been vampires, there have been Hunters, men and women who dedicated their lives to bring down these creatures of the night. The most ambitious work to join the infamous Order of the Dragon, but no bloodline is as revered as that of the Van Helsing's. Gabriel is all that remains of this ancient bloodline. Working as a Detective to cover up his vampire hunting activities, when bodies begin piling up; Gabriel is the first one to pounce on the case. But as he follows the trail, Gabriel is shocked to discover not a bloodthirsty monster... but a confused and beautiful young woman with a dark secret. Now, Gabriel has a choice: turn her into the Order of the Dragon and revive his family's legacy; or help this mysterious woman uncover the secrets of her past...