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The Kincaid Werewolves

The Kincaid Werewolves



Author : L.E. Wilson

Publisher : Radish


Never follow the rabbit. Brock Hume is a lone hunter, and right now he's hunting the most tempting prey he's ever encountered through the early morning streets of Seattle. He really can't help himself. Her scent reminds him of the heather blossoms of his homeland, and she has curves that he can't wait to get his paws on. And she was running from him, a werewolf. The best game of all.   Heather Knight has to be the worst faerie ever, but being that she grew up as a human, that shouldn't really be a surprise. She can't even tell when a man isn't actually a man at all, but a supernatural creature of lore. And she really should have known, for no mortal man was that hot. To protect her heart, and her identity, she runs.   But in a strange twist of fate, Heather and Brock find themselves thrown into a game of Survivor meets Alice in Wonderland. To win, Brock has five days to find Heather and return them to where he started. He has all kinds of plans for when he catches her. And catch her, he will.