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The King's Possession

The King's Possession



Author : Sophie

Publisher : Radish


"Is it really so unbelievable that I would kiss you? That I want you?" he asks, the softness of his tone gliding its way across my skin. "Because I plan to do it over and over again." *** While working her job at an Inn, Akara is faced with a stranger, who blows in with the wind, followed by the terrible rumours that surrounds his name. A Hunter. A man who kills, and leaves no trace. Needing her invaluable knowledge, the Hunter kidnaps Akara, however, is intercepted on his journey, by an unstoppable force. A King. Instead of throwing Akara into a prison, the King makes a deal. She has freedom within his magnificent palace in return for her company. However, making a deal with a powerful man sinks her deep into his world, and the danger is possesses. And all the while, she must battle her feelings for the wrong man, and decide her fate.