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The Love Riots

The Love Riots



Author : DelhiBelly

Publisher : Radish


Chitralekha Menon is an editor at Delhi Belly, a weekly lifestyle magazine. She lives alone in a flat and enjoys a cosmopolitan life that the city offers. Her days are spent going to the old parts of the town for interviews with interesting but unknown personalities, reading books in her favourite armchair with a cup of cutting chai and discussing Indian politics. One day fate leads her to meet Zahir Hosain, a Political Science teacher, who emanates peace and enigma. She watches him with fascination as he works for an NGO and cares for his students so deeply. However, she realizes that life is not a bed of roses when she has to fight at every turn for her love as the society she lives in becomes more and more radical by the day. And in this society, what is the place for a Hindu woman who has fallen for a Muslim man? Together, Chitralekha and Zahir embark on an emotional and disastrous journey that takes sudden turns, keeping them on their toes and out of breath.