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The Mahoy Next Door

The Mahoy Next Door



Author : JackHarbon

Publisher : Radish


When Harper woke to the sound of moving trucks next door, he knew things would be different. The last neighbors had been rather unpleasant and he wasn't sad to see them go. In their place, the Stanfields moved in. Being the only gay couple in the neighborhood, the man knew they had to be friendly, but what starts off as flirtatious banter with the teenager next door turns into something much more dangerous. Harper's parents don't know he's not interested girls, nor is he all that interested in boys. What Harper has his eyes set on is the Stanfield men, and he won't rest until he's in their good graces - and in their bed. Trouble's just moved in next door, and though he's not religious, Harper stands by one idea: he's a very firm believer in loving thy neighbor. Note: Originally published in 2014.