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The Men's Room

The Men's Room



Author : Oleander Plume

Publisher : Radish


NOTICE: The Radish Fiction app is removing all erotic titles from its database. Thank you for reading my work. If you would like to read more, please visit my blog Your support is appreciated! Love, Oleander xoxox Genre: GAY EROTICA If you ask me, there’s a reason M/M sounds like “mmm…”. For proof, may I present a catalog of quick, sexy reads that are all about men. “Magnum” – Cleaning up after his own birthday party is a drag, until JB gets help from his roommate’s boyfriend. “The Accidental Exhibitionist” – When a dick pic winds up in the wrong hands, Michael discovers some mistakes are meant to be. “The Stall” – Bored at work, Nathan reads a text from his lover, and lives to regret it. “Triple Dog Dare” – Max thinks he has power over his libido until his sexy coworker challenges him to the ultimate dare. “Backyard Glory” – Rob gives his neighbor Jim a helping hand. "Unbroken" - Jake and Lonnie are two lost souls. Can they save each other? "Miss-Taken Identity" - A lost suitcase brings two strangers together for an afternoon of passion. "Bones" - Kevin has a crush on his roommate Sage, but worries he won't measure up. "Coffee Break" - From my 5-star rated anthology, Chemical [se]X - While remodeling the mayor's house, Zak and Ryan stumble across a stash of aphrodisiac chocolates that turn their world upside down. "Saving the Savior" - Superhero smut, anyone? (cough cough Batman cough cough) "Taste" - This story features two characters from my 5-star rated full length novel "Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe" - the ultra sexy space pirate vampire Snake, and his deliciously badass lover, Sugar. More hot M/M goodness on the way!