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The Mortician of Avalon

The Mortician of Avalon



Author : KRWright

Publisher : Radish


When you say you don't believe in fairies, a fairy dies. Then you have to clap your hands to bring them back to life. If you don't clap your hands fast enough, well, then it becomes the business of Mr. H. D. Thistle of 167 Oakshot Row. Once inside, you can view caskets made from woven willow, or you can buy an urn that encourages butterflies to take the remains of your loved one to the other realm, or if you're feeling particularly fancy, you can have your loved one pressed into a rune gem so that their magic will stay with you forever. Today, I want none of those options. Today, I'm here to interrogate my soulmate. ------- When there's a series of grisly murders, Jax is sent to interrogate Henry Thistle as a potential suspect. What neither of them account for is the instant soulbond. Can Jax catch the killer? And what will he do if it turns out to be Henry?