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The Odds of Ever Afters

The Odds of Ever Afters



Author : katia

Publisher : Radish


Madison Hansley believes in numbers. While the universe is unpredictable, numbers don't lie. The numbers are how she figures out how to win video games against her four siblings and how she avoids wasting her time taking risks that only lead to disappointment. But they’re also the reason she’s too scared to start writing a story to compete with a hundred other writers in a collegiate competition that might secure her future as a writer and the reason why she chose to let go of Bryan Evans, the only boy she’s ever loved. When Maddie goes home for the summer, an accident strips Bryan of his memories of the last two years. A lot can change in two years, but all he wants to know is why his girlfriend doesn’t speak to him anymore. What Bryan is dying to remember, Maddie has been trying to forget. Their relationship is the one part of her life she couldn’t perfect. Maddie isn’t the same lovestruck girl she was in high school and she refuses to let love get in the way of her dreams this time around. But while she might’ve changed, he keeps proving that he’s still the same charming, determined boy she couldn’t help falling in love with and less the one who broke her heart. Maddie might get the happily ever after she always wanted. She has a redo at a first love that most people could only dream of, but is it worth risking her heart all over again? Even if they can forget the downhills of their past, what are the odds that history repeats itself anyway? What are the odds that it doesn’t? Or what if the odds are wrong?