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The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle



Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


Beyond the bounds of pleasure lurks a chance for redemption. Intergalactic blockade runner Gizelle Sobera is determined to recover the largest lost treasure in the history of three galaxies. Claiming the bounty lost on PX330 (aka the Pleasure Planet) would supplement the resources and provisions needed by the Protective Forces as its inhabitants fight the invading enemy. But when Gizelle discovers the gold has already been found, she knows exactly who has swiped the treasure from under her nose—D.T. Vaughn, a sexy and irresistible space pirate who’s stolen a variety of booty from her… Once Gizelle discovers who D.T. really is, though, she’s willing to use the power of seduction to get him back into uniform and fighting for their cause. She'll even go so far as to solicit help from her sexy hired hand, Trey, whose sole purpose seems to be in ensuring that the pleasure of the moment erases the pain of both Gizelle and D.T.'s past.