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The Revolutionary Girls

The Revolutionary Girls



Author : Jane Kiley

Publisher : Radish


Lydia Reed, fighting the British while her beloved Boston is under siege, is faced with a new challenge; Captain Silas Taylor. Captain Taylor, right had man to the governor, entered the home of the rebellious Reeds, and captured the heart of Lydia. She is now faced between her reputation and her heart. Not to mention the fact that she is a Rebel supporter. Edith Price, daughter of a Loyalist, twin of a Rebel supporter. Her family is torn in half, and she is struggling to survive in her home of New York. Her only hope of survival is to take her brothers to Boston. But what happens when the love of her life, Miles Barnes, is captured by the British in a raid? She’ll risk her life and freedom for his. In Georgia, it would be a crime not to be called a Loyalist. For Primrose Hayes, it is merely a façade for her family to stay alive. After the death of her beloved mother, Primrose raised her family without problem. Her father, begrudgingly, went off to fight for the British Army, to keep their front. But before he left, he employed the help of Israel Bennett, a rebel spy in the heart of Georgia. Will Primrose be able to save her family? Or will the truth of her loyalties come out? Virginia Ross, daughter of plantation owners, cousin of Betsy Ross, wants nothing more than the British to leave her beloved Georgia. Her home in Savanah has been desecrated by the British soldiers who forced their way into their home. Regrettably, Virginia is engaged to be married to Gideon Allen, a Loyalist, who is determined to change her. The man determined to put a change in everything is Cyrus Bennett, brother of Israel. He was ordered by General Washington to help the Rebels trapped in colonies occupied by Loyalists. What these four women have in common is their love for their country. They would do anything to free their country and end the ensuing war. Not to mention, find love along the way.